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The 2023-24 bushfire season looks to be the most significant since the 2019-20 black summer fires.

Years of heavy rain and minimal fire activity have contributed to a high level of fuel growth around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore. With El Niño weather patterns, less rain and higher temperatures are predicted this summer.

It’s time to prepare your property and reduce the risks.

We recommend: –

  • Clear space around your home by trimming overhanging trees and shrubs
  • Move garden beds away from the house
  • Mow grass and remove cuttings
  • Remove material that can burn around your home, including wood piles, excess mulch, leaves etc.
  • Clear and remove all debris and leaves from the gutters surrounding your home
  • Prepare sturdy hoses that can reach all around your property

The NSW Rural Fire Service also recommends a bush fire survival plan which expands on the list above.  More information can be found HERE

The 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme allows people living near bushlands to clear trees within 10m and shrubs within 50m of their property without council approval. A NSW Government map that shows applicable areas can be found HERE or through most council websites. This map can change and be updated from time to time.

Cheery Chops can help! Give David a call on 0418 427 904 for advice on how we can help you prepare.

high risk and vegetation buffer areas

Areas in red and yellow show high risk and vegetation buffer areas subject to the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme.

Source: NSW Government SEED The Central Resource for Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data in NSW.

Subject to change

David Morgan
David Morgan

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