Tree Pruning

Time to tidy up your trees?

At Cheery Chops, we enhance the appearance and lifespan of your trees with affordable tree pruning. Our qualified arborists are experts in caring for all types of trees and use specialised pruning tools and advanced techniques to preserve the natural beauty of your trees.

Why regular tree pruning is so important

You probably don’t notice when you travel through the streets of Sydney. But a lot of love and care goes into our beloved trees. This fact alone is why tree pruning is an underrated art form. Because a well-manicured tree should look so natural and seamless – the fact that it is altered by human hand makes its natural appearance all the more striking.

Hazard prevention

Prevent weak limbs from falling and causing harm to people or property

Stop disease spread

Stop the spread of tree disease

Clear roads

Clear the roads and pathways of trees


Keep tree limbs at a safe distance from powerlines

A better view

Reshape the tree into a more appealing form

Greater pest-control

Keep flying pests at bay by getting rid of tree limbs that bear fruit

Why Choose Us


Cheery Chops is a family owned business who pride themselves on their professionalism, reliability and provision of the best staff and equipment. We are covered by public liability (up to $10 million) and all staff covered with i-care insurance.

Our arborists take the time to determine the best approach to tree care. From crown thinning to selective tree pruning, dead wooding and crown lifting, we adopt the tried-and-true methods that have worked for generations to give you outstanding results.

To ensure minimal disruption to the environment and surrounding area, the Cheery Chops crew adhere to strict council guidelines and the standards outlined in the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS 4373-2007).

  • Proudly serving all major suburbs in Sydney
  • Valuable service for homeowners, business owners, local council members, strata managers and real estate agents
  • Eco-friendly and ethical approach to pruning
  • Fully licensed and insured arborists

Frequently asked questions about tree pruning 

Can I trim my tree myeself?

Pruning trees can be a complicated project requiring expertise and experience. Our arborists are highly experienced in all tree pruning removal techniques. Incorrect procedures can result in:

• unwanted decay in trees
• unwanted exposure to pests and fungus
• decline of the health of the tree which can result in serious safety issues
• unsightly results

Always trust the experts. Contact us for an obligation-free quote by calling 0418 417 904.

How much does it cost for tree pruning in Sydney?

Every job is different. Some standard pricing can be provided over the phone, but it really depends on the complexities of the project. The species of tree, size of the tree, and access to the tree are all contributing factors.

It is for this reason that it’s always best to meet with you so we can see what’s involved, talk you through the process, and provide you with an obligation-free quote.

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