Property Rubbish Removal
& End-of-Lease Cleaning Services

Ensure Your Property is Ready for the Next Tenant

At Cheery Chops, we understand the importance of presenting a clean and tidy property to new tenants. Our full-service End of Lease Rubbish Removal Service & Clean is specifically designed to help landlords and real estate agents maintain high standards and quick turnaround times between tenancies. Let us handle the clean-up so you can focus on what you do best – managing properties and serving your clients.

Tenant left their junk behind?
We’ve got you covered.

Some tenants may believe that managing rubbish removal at the end of a lease is a straightforward task they can handle themselves, underestimating the complexity and potential for damage. They often assume it’s just a matter of moving items from one place to another, but this can lead to time-consuming efforts and risks like scratches on walls and floors.

For landlords and real estate agents, the most efficient and reliable solution is to hire professional rubbish removal services. At Cheery Chops, we ensure that all types of rubbish are thoroughly cleared from your properties, with minimal disruption and at a time that suits your schedule. Trust us to handle the heavy lifting and restore your properties to their original, move-in condition, helping you maintain high standards and attract quality tenants.


End-of-lease cleaning services
Ensuring your property
is tenant-ready!

At Cheery Chops, we understand that a thorough end-of-lease clean goes beyond just rubbish removal. Our end-of-lease cleaning service covers every corner of the property, from top to bottom, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. We meticulously scrub and sanitise every surface, including walls, floors, windows, and fixtures, to restore your property to its original, spotless condition. Our team uses high-quality cleaning products and advanced techniques to tackle even the toughest grime and stains, delivering a comprehensive clean that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each property is left in pristine condition, ready for new tenants or inspections. By entrusting us with your end-of-lease clean, you can avoid the stress and hassle of doing it yourself and focus on other priorities. Cheery Chops delivers a deep clean that guarantees your property will look immaculate, helping you achieve a smooth transition and maintaining the high standards required for successful property management.

Who we help 

At Cheery Chops, we are dedicated to supporting a diverse range of clients with our end-of-lease rubbish removal services:


We assist landlords in preparing properties for new tenants by ensuring thorough and efficient rubbish removal and thorough cleans at the end of their tenant’s lease. Our services help you present junk-free clean, well-maintained properties, improving tenant satisfaction and enhancing your property’s appeal.

Real Estate Agents

We work closely with real estate agents to streamline the property turnover process. By providing timely and professional rubbish removal and end-of-lease cleans, we help agents meet deadlines and maintain high standards, making it easier to secure new leases and manage client expectations.

Property Managers

Our comprehensive rubbish removal and cleaning service helps property managers keep multiple properties in top condition. We handle everything from clearing out old furniture and junk to ensuring each property is spotless and ready for inspection or new tenants.

Strata Managers

For strata managers dealing with common areas and multiple residences, Cheery Chops provides reliable and efficient rubbish removal and end-of-lease cleaning services. We help keep shared spaces clean and orderly, contributing to the overall satisfaction of residents and compliance with strata regulations.

Business Owners

We also support business owners who need to clear out commercial spaces, whether it’s for relocating, refurbishing, or managing regular maintenance. Our service ensures your business premises remain clutter-free, sparkling clean, and presentable for the next tenant.


Even beyond end-of-lease situations, homeowners can benefit from our services when clearing out bulky items or during major home clean-ups. We help make residential spaces clean and organised, whether you’re moving out or just need a fresh start.

Why Partner with Cheery Chops?

Experience the convenience and reliability of a professional rubbish removal service dedicated to keeping your properties pristine and tenant-ready.


Professional and Dependable

Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering prompt and end-of-lease services, ensuring your properties are ready for the next tenant without delay.

Comprehensive Solutions

We manage all types of waste removal and cleaning services for properties, including household junk, old furniture, garden debris, and electronic waste. No job is too big or too small for Cheery Chops.

Great Service

Our courteous and professional staff provide exceptional service, making the end-of-lease process smooth and stress-free for you and your tenants.

Enhance Property Appeal

A clean and clutter-free property attracts quality tenants and enhances your property’s appeal, making it easier to secure new leases quickly.

Cost-Effective Service

Our competitive pricing and transparent quotes mean you can budget effectively without compromising on quality. Cheery Chops offers excellent value for your investment.

Benefits of professional
bulk rubbish removal & end-of-lease cleaning services

Minimise Vacancy Time

Quick and efficient rubbish removal and end-of-lease cleaning helps you prepare properties faster, reducing vacancy periods and maximizing rental income.

Improve Tenant Satisfaction

Presenting a clean and well-maintained property sets the right tone for new tenants, leading to higher satisfaction and better tenant retention.

Streamlined Full-service Operations

Let Cheery Chops handle the rubbish removal AND end-of-lease clean, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities and client relationships.


Full-service solutions for clearing your property

We also do Land Clearing & Tree Removal services

Over the last 25 years, Cheery Chops has forged strong relationships with satisfied clients, including homeowners, local council members, strata managers, estate agents, and business owners.

At Cheery Chops, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your property management needs, including land clearing, rubbish removal, and end-of-lease cleans. Our land clearing service efficiently prepares properties for development or renovation, removing all types of vegetation and debris to create a clean slate. For rubbish removal, we handle everything from household waste to bulky items, ensuring thorough clearance with minimal disruption. When it comes to end-of-lease cleans, our team meticulously scrubs every surface from top to bottom, ensuring your property is spotless and ready for the next occupant. With our full range of services, Cheery Chops provides a seamless solution to keep your properties in excellent condition and ready for any transition.


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